I'm happy for Joe Bozikovich

  • Posted on: 1 January 2007
  • By: Amanda Fritz

And who is Joe Bozikovich, you ask? He played with my older son on the Wilson High School football team that won the Portland Interscholastic League and went to the state playoffs in both 2003 and 2004. More accurately, my son played with Joe, since Joe was the star. Joe was recruited by schools all over Oregon and by Notre Dame, and chose to go to Boise State. He's been injured and hasn't seen a lot of playing time, but we saw him on the sidelines in tonight's thrilling overtime win for Boise State over Oklahoma. And he looked very happy.

Wilson's current head coach, Aaron Olson, made a wonderful speech after our team was eliminated from the state playoffs. He said something like this (it's been several years, so the words aren't exact):

"The commercials say football, or running, or another sport, is life. Well, football isn't life. There are things in life that are much more important than football. But football is like life. You prepare, you work hard, you learn your job and listen to the instructions and you do your best, and sometimes it works out the way you want, and sometimes it doesn't. But if each player and each coach and each parent and supporter does their part, sometimes you can do great things together. And that's why we love football games, because the whole team is putting their hopes and dreams on the field and we can cheer with them when they succeed and be sad with them when they don't."

So tonight, I am cheering for Joe and the Boise State football team. The Fiesta Bowl game was a good reminder that even when you think life isn't going so well, sometimes it will give you something to cheer about with the next play.


Even just the highlight reel was thrilling. Way to go!