Next Up at City Council, 1/22/09

  • Posted on: 18 January 2009
  • By: Amanda Fritz

NOTE: Due to the absence of two members of the Portland City Council on Wednesday, no hearings are scheduled at the usual times that day. All business will be considered on Thursday afternoon.

Coming soon: Plans for more evening meetings, with a schedule for visits in neighborhoods in all parts of Portland.

This week's Agenda is here. It starts with this Time Certain:

40 TIME CERTAIN: 2:00 PM - Declare the purpose and intention of the City to rename the Convention Center Dock the Kevin J. Duckworth Memorial Dock (Resolution introduced by Commissioner Saltzman)

A benign item, with the following item in the Resolution giving me particular satisfaction:

WHEREAS, The City Council-approved Park naming policy was followed, a letter was sent to the Kerns Neighborhood Association, the Parks Naming Committee, comprised of citizens and city staff, reviewed, deliberated, and approved the request.

It is so nice when policies that citizens, staff, and elected officials have worked on for months, turn out to be used and useful.

Y'know what? I have just realized I am writing this on my community-organizer-Amanda's blog, as I have almost every weekend for over two years. It needs to go on Commissioner Amanda's site, so comments go into the record. Please continue reading over here.


Amanda, I appreciate why you are moving the 'next up' feature over to your City web site, but when I go over there, there doesn't seem to be an RSS feed that includes it, other than the site-wide Portland Online feed, which has way more stuff than I want to track. Could you ask the IT folks to give the feature its own feed or perhaps include it in your blog feed? Thanks. Chris

Thank you for the request, Chris. I'll ask the IT folks if it's possible to set up the RSS feed, for these Next Up posts and other changes on my City web site. It's helpful to hear what will make the new site more useful.