Biking for Obama

  • Posted on: 23 December 2008
  • By: Amanda Fritz

Our family's friend Ryan Bowen is making headlines, and today was interviewed on National Public Radio, by bicycling from Los Angeles to Washington DC for President Obama's Inauguration. Ryan played football at Wilson High School with my son Luke, and stays at our home when he is in Portland since his parents moved to Washington after he graduated from high school. He recently graduated from Occidental College, where he was President of the student body.

Ryan was an early supporter of Barack Obama, for many reasons. Barack attended Occidental, too. Ryan didn't have money to fly to the festivities on January 20, so decided to ride his bicycle. He's going 500 miles longer than the direct route, to stay with warmer weather (good call, Ryan). He's currently in Texas. Read about his journey at

I'm hoping someone finds him a ticket to the Inauguration, after all that.