Franklin HS grad playing Sunday football

  • Posted on: 13 January 2008
  • By: Amanda Fritz

My son Luke just told me that Legadu Naanee, a Franklin High School graduate and Boise State wide receiver, is currently playing for the San Diego Chargers. This is his rookie year, after having been drafted in the fifth round.

Later this afternoon, Kevin Boss from Western Oregon University, will be playing for the New York Giants. As I noted here, he was also a fifth round draft pick. I'm sorry I missed the Portland roots of Legadu Naanee, in writing that post.

Enjoy the playoffs, lucky people with time to watch them.


Naanee had a huge catch late in the game yesterday. The chargers had a lot of injuries in that game, and I was watching it with a row of rabid fans decked out in powder blue, all of them giddy that the Franklin product and an unheralded quarterback named Billy Volek were leading the bolts to victory. "Scout team offense, baby!" one of them kept shouting, in disbelief that they were knocking off the defending super bowl champions the way that they were. GG Legadu.

Amanda, you are way ahead of the MSM curve in noticing the contributions of Kevin Boss. Had he gone to UO, you'd be tired of hearing about him by now. WOU ... not so much. He's playing in place of the vastly overrated Jeremy Shockey; since the team's playing better without Shockey, I hope this turns into a steady gig for Kevin.